Value vs Complexity: A Prioritization Tool

Every app goes through the journey of Idea Inception, Strategy/Research, Requirements & Implementation phases. Somewhere while defining app Strategy & Requirements, “Feature List” comes into picture to set the direction. Once we have the features decided we prioritise them! Why prioritise? So that we know which features are to be rolled out first. And how [...]

Is your mobile app in-line with the business strategy?

So you want to launch “that” app in the market! Good. You have got the market validation done! Very good. You have also thought about the revenue channels and how to monetize the app. Awesome! Have you thought about which type of app to build? Which mobile platform to target and why? For the success of [...]

Why do we need a mobile app? The business side of story

People download apps everyday. Some are used frequently; many are abandoned or never used. But still almost every business entity has its mobile app. Why? The answer lies in the behaviour of consumers; us! We have screen-full days. Our day starts with a screen, ends with a screen. We use our smartphones for anything and [...]

Envision the Product you want to build

  "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." Steve Jobs The above quote is exactly what is required for a product development. VISION. That leads to a successful product in the market. It is required to keep moving forward and to [...]